Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In Honor of Saint Joseph

O DIVINE Jesus! Lamb without spot, Whose precious blood was shed for the redemption of mankind, I adore Thee in the mystery of faith and love, in which, by Thy exceeding great mercy, Thou dost daily renew the sacrifice of Thyself for man. Deign to destroy in me all that is displeasing to Thy pure eyes, in order that I may be as a living holocaust, pleasing and acceptable before the throne of Thy love.

O Mary, I have recourse to thee in this happy moment; pray for me, that my heart may be penetrated with profound humility, lively faith, and ardent lo^e during the celebration of this august sacrifice.

O glorious St. Joseph, first adorer, after Mary, of the sacred humanity of my Saviour, to you do I confide my friends and benefactors, and those for whom I promise to pray, especially... Obtain for them all the graces you know to be necessary for them; take under your protection the temporal interests of this Institute; obtain for its Superiors, wisdom and justice in the discharge of their authority, and obtain for me, O holy St. Joseph, a perfect spirit of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and a happy death.

Method of Hearing Mass on Wednesday


Employ yourself in making acts of contrition for your many sins committed against God, considered as your God, your King, and your Father. Vide " Mass for Religious."


MY God, considering the infinite merits of the Victim that will be offered to Thee, I hope that Thou wilt look with pity and compassion on me. O blessed be this hour in which Thou, O divine Jesus, art going to offer Thyself to Thy eternal Father for my salvation. O my God, receive this holy sacrifice, in which Thy divine Son offers Himself, and is offered by the priest, to render Thee due homage and worthy thanks for all Thy benefits. Receive here also the entire sacrifice which I make of myself, of my body, of my soul, and of all that I am, which I unite with that of Thy divine Son. For His sake receive me, together with the promises I made at my holy profession.


ADORE Thee, O Victim of propitiation, Who hast been sacrificed for my salvation. Humbled at Thy feet I implore Thy mercy. Thou hast shed Thy blood to blot out my iniquitif 3; purify my soul still more from its stains. O infinite Goodness, do not abandon me. Sacred hands, which have formed me, do not destroy me. Sacred feet, which have been fatigued running after the dispersed children of Israel, be my asylum and refuge. Heart, ever filled with compassion for sinners, receive me. C Jesus, my beloved, for me Thou hast died, for Thee I desire to live for Thee alone. Jesus, my Lord, my God, and my all! Thou wert crucified and didst die for love of me; oh, grant that I may be truly crucified in spirit and die to self for love of Thee.


DIVINE Lamb, Who earnest to take away the sins of the world, let me not be excluded from a share in Thy universal mercies! Cleanse my soul; purify it in the bath of Thy precious blood; adorn it, I beseech Thee, with those virtues which will render me less un worthy to participate in the food of angels. "As the heart panteth after fountains of water, so my soul panteth after Thee, O God !"

O amiable Virgin! thou, who art by excellence blessed among women, show thyself now my tender Mother and powerful advocate.

Angels and saints, bless the Lord, and intercede for me.

I adore Thee at every moment, O living Bread of heaven, Most August Sacrament. O Jesus, beloved Son of the Virgin Mary, I pray Thee to bless my soul.

To Thee I consecrate my heart, O most blessed Jesu? my dear Saviour. Mayest Thou be known, adored, and loved by all, and may thanks be continually given to Thee in the Most Holy and Most August Sacrament. Amen.

Jesus, most merciful; Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, forgive us our sins; give Thy peace to our souls remember us in Thy kingdom.

Mary and Joseph, pray for us this hour and at the hour of our death.

Make an act of contrition, a renewal o] vows, and wait in humble adoration the coming of Jesus.

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