Wednesday, February 1, 2012

THE NARROW WAY: The Good Intention

The intention is that act of the mind whereby man directs his actions to a certain definite end. Man may have various immediate, but only one final end. As he came from God he should ultimately direct all his actions to God. He may direct his actions to God as his final end in the natural, or in the supernatural order. When man directs his actions to God as his supernatural end he makes them meritorious for heaven. It suffices for this to have the habitual intention to act as a Christian.

The most perfect intention that man can have, however, is one that corresponds fully with the qualities of a good will. By living in accordance with it man directs his life to God in the most perfect manner. This intention may be formulated as follows:

“All for the honor and glory of God and the sanctification of souls"
"All out of love for Jesus and Mary”
"All according to God's holy will"

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