Sunday, February 12, 2012


As good will is indispensable for salvation, so bad will is sure to lead to reprobation. Bad will arises from insincerity of mind, fickleness of heart, and indecision of the will regarding the work of salvation.

Insincerity aims at human ends and is a slave of human respect. It serves God in prosperity, but fails in the day of adversity. Fickleness of heart prompts man to act from the impulse of passion rather than from principle. It is willing to say, "Lord! Lord!'' but not to labor and suffer to break the fetters of sin, and so never really desires to lay up treasures in heaven. Indecision of will disqualifies man for the resolute, persevering endeavor of a true child of God. It makes man a slave of circumstance, and permits him to drift into sin and vice without being seriously tempted by the enemies of his soul.

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