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SACRED Heart of Jesus, whence came those words of truly ineffable love: "Come to Me all you that labor and are burdened, and I will refresh you." Relying upon this promise of Thine infinite tenderness and charity, in the trial? and hardships of our times, when the universal Church is attacked in her chief Pastor and in her religious children, we betake ourselves to Thee. We have determined to consecrate to Thee for ever, solemnly and anew, this our house, ourselves, and all that belongs to us. Do Thou graciously look down upon us and accept our vows, that, sealed by Thy grace, they may ever remain firm and unchangeable.

Wherefore, dearest Jesus, our sovereign Lord and Leader, we, although most unworthy members of this (College, Convent, Academy, House, etc., N.N.), yet trusting in Thy help and grace, offer, and consecrate ourselves and our household entirely to Thy most Sacred Heart, and we submit ourselves and all that we have to Thy most holy will.

We call upon our blessed Lady, Thy Virgin Mother, our Founder N., and the whole court of heaven to witness that this is our intention, our desire, and our firm determination to imitate as closely as possible Thy most Sacred Heart in practising the virtues belonging to our state of life, in order that we may promote Thy glory in ourselves, and make some reparation for all the grievous insults offered to Thee.

We, therefore, implore Thee, dearest Jesus, to protect our house, to guard us Thy servants for ever in Thy most Sacred Heart, and to sanctify our labors, our studies, and trials. May we, by Thy grace, advance Thy greater glory, the salvation of souls, and devotion to Thy most Sacred Heart. Amen.

Ven. de la Colombiere

MY amiable Redeemer. I give and consecrate myself to Thy Sacred Heart without reserve.

I have in a manner nailed myself to Thy cross by the vows of my profession; I renew them in this divine Heart in presence of heaven and earth ; and I return Thee thanks for having inspired me to make them.

I own that the yoke of Thy holy service is neither hard nor heavy; I do not find myself embarrassed with my chains; on the contrary, I would wish to multiply them, or rivet them yet closer upon me.

I embrace, then, the dear cross of my vocation, even to my death; it shall be all my pleasure, all my glory, and aft my delight.

God forbid that I should glory, that I should ever rejoice, save in the cross of Jesus Christ.

God forbid that I should ever have any other treasure than His poverty, any other delight than His sufferings, any other love than Himself.

No, no, my amiable Lord, never will I separate myself from Thee; and I will attach myself to none but Thee; the narrowest paths of the life of perfection to which I am called give me no alarm, because Thou art my light and my strength.

I hope, then, O Lord, that Thou wilt render me stead fast under all temptations, victorious against the efforts of my enemies, and that Thou wilt stretch out over me that beneficent hand, which has bestowed upon me so many favors, and make me ever more and more liberal toward Thee.

I entreat this of Thee, O my adorable Jesus, by Thy blood, by all Thy wounds, and by Thy Sacred Heart.

Grant that by the consecration which I make to Thee of all that I am, I may become this day entirely renewed in Thy love. Amen.

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