Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bishop Bellord’s Summary of a Method of Meditation


1. Read the meditation over-night.
2. Review it at intervals till next morning.
3. Affections of love and joy up to the meditation.


1. Place yourself in the presence of God.
2. Act of humility: acknowledge your unworthiness-
3. Confess your incapacity: ask for aid.


I. Adoration.

1. Contemplate the subject in God the Father, or in Jesus Christ, with reference to His (i.) Dispositions, (ii.) Words, (iii.) Actions.

2. Offer Him, with respect to the subject, (i.) Adoration, (ii.) Admiration, (iii.) Praise, (iv.) Love, (v.) Joy, (vi.) Gratitude.

II. Reflection.

Transfer to yourself what you have contemplated in God, considering:

1. What example, or warning, or knowledge, is to be gathered with a view to your own case?
2. What are your past negligences, present deficiencies, future needs?
3. What grace do you require from God?

III. Action.

1. Petition.

(i.) Simple petition.

(ii.) With obsecration (through the merits of Christ, the Blessed Virgin, etc.).
(iii.) With thanksgiving,
(iv.) With intercession for others.

N.B. Your petitions must be (i.) Humble; (ii.) Confident; (iii.) Persevering.

2. Resolutions.

(i.) Let them be practical,
(ii.) For immediate use.
(iii.) Adapted to your special case,
(iv.) Efficacious.

3. Colloquies.

With God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin, your Guardian Angel, etc.


1. Thanksgiving.

(i.) For admission to God s presence,
(ii.) For ability to pray,
(iii.) For lights received.

2. Contrition.

For faults committed, with a brief examination of the meditation.

3. Oblation.

Offer the meditation to God by the hands of the Blessed Virgin for the supplying of all defects.

4. Spiritual Bouquet.

Sum up the meditation in a maxim or ejaculation to be recalled during the day.

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